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" ... the L Party represents a view from the right, but what does this mean?"

In pre internet days, we relied on newspapers, television, radio, journals and magazines to get our news and information. Today, computers and the World Wide Web have enabled news and information to travel faster and more widely than at any time in human history. However, as is often written, the accuracy of news sources from in particular, weblogs is questionable, the claim being, that they are nothing more than second hand or rehashed news littered with personal opinion and laced with bias thus rendering them an unreliable source of information. I would add, that in part, this is an accurate assessment.

In fact, the academic view would suggest that this very site rates low in terms of reliability for a number of reasons.
  1. The L Party is not part of a recognisable institution or body with a Government (.gov), organisation (.org), education (.edu) or any other subject specific establishment with a letter extension after it.
  2. The L party is not affiliated with any media group, newspaper or online news site.
  3. The L Party does not satisfy criteria related to “reliable authors”. Here I refer to sites that include the author’s background and educational qualifications as quantified strictly in terms of the sites posting subject matter.
  4. The L Party content is accurate however; its objectivity is questionable since political, cultural, ideological and institutional biases are present. Hence, I admit that my opinion and worldview is rooted within the content of the site.
Nevertheless, does this suggest that this site is unreliable or anecdotal or worse still, superfluous? No, it does not.

Ordinarily, I would be somewhat self-effacing but given the above mentioned benchmarks, it is only fair that I provide readers with some critique.

As I stated in, “about me” on the home page:
I enjoy writing about that which interests me. To be sure, I do so to impart knowledge and understanding and to place an individual spin and my own distinctive sensibility and perception on my chosen subject matter.
But this short paragraph is inadequate; for the L Party also represents a view from the right, but what exactly do I mean by this?

It refers to a view that embraces and advocates a pro-small government and, pro-free market approach to Australian public policy. A view that rejects the contemporary notion that government is all-powerful, and that it can solve all our problems, a view that rejects the nanny state, excessive government interference in our lives, more taxes, more regulation and more public spending. A view that embraces a political philosophy, social and educational regime and/or attitude emphasizing respect for traditional institutions, distrust of government activism, and opposition to change, for change's sake to what is, a functioning and established civil order. A view that recognises and defends the connection existing between members of an ethnic group based on shared ancestry, culture, religion, history and language. A view that questions and challenges political correctness. A view that recognises and defends our masculine identity as men, or feminine identity as women, our role as fathers and mothers, or husbands and wives within a traditional family as based on a heterosexual union. A view that recognises and defends marital love and paternal & maternal love.

A view that recognises the virtues of Western Civilisation and the essential features of our free society - liberal democracy, the rule of law, individual rights, inc. freedom of speech, personal responsibility and civil society as drawn from the great thinkers of the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and the role played by Christianity in its development. A view that understands and recognises that, for all intents and purposes, present “World Order” is stable and predictable in part due to the economic, technological, military and diplomatic superpower that is, The United States of America. Moreover, that our democratic way of life, our economies and our national security, are irrevocably tied to a secure world order - an order to which the U.S. even with its notable imperfections, is at the heartas the pre-eminent driver of internationalism. This point extends to English-speaking nations with a similar cultural heritage, based upon populations originating from the nations of the British Isles (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland) – Anglosphere. 

A view that embraces freedom of speech, and defends without compromise, threats to this by a self anointed throng of cultural elites and their political and ideological cohorts. A view that rejects all forms of political censorship by those whose purpose is to remove from the political discourse and common commentariat those notions that pose offence to the prejudiced left.

A view that rejects viewing the world from the prism of advantaged and disadvantaged groups - identity politics - and the left's do's and don't's.

I unashamedly and unapologetically am compelled to assert, that all my writing incorporates these viewpoints. Additionally, I guarantee the reader of my honesty in articulating my worldview though at times, I am especially forthright even perhaps, confronting. For mine, this is what real writing is all about and to do otherwise is a betrayal of the art; an art that tutors, generates interest and with any luck, enlightens.

I am not speaking in defence of all blogs, some are ordinary at best though, strictly in terms of this blog, any applicable academic criterion does not take into account the relevance of the individual viewpoint, not that we or I, should automatically expect it. Everyone has a view, and I respect that everyone has a right to express him or herself regardless of where one resides on the ideological continuum. Of greater importance is an understanding that by view, we are also inferring an opinion, an interpretation and understanding, and no one should discount the importance of the latter as part of the construction of their own, and other readers view. As a blogger, it therefore becomes imperative, that the synopsis within my posts is, as much as possible, grounded upon accurate details, evidences, realities and information otherwise the exercise will be of little value; accordingly, and within the provisos of any or the written disclaimer, I can provide surety in terms of the content of this site.

As centred on the aforementioned, which includes the sites predisposition, the blog is reliable as a source of information, furthermore as its author and, as a thinker; I humbly acknowledge and understand that The L Party is nothing more than an additional source or channel, interpreter or filter within the modern-day information medium.

Further validation is unnecessary, as ultimately it is my preference to invite the reader to enter, appraise, comprehend and acknowledge or, if one prefers, reject. For those that do abscond with little or no contemplation, can I venture to suggest; unless one refers to the physical sciences, there may be no such thing as an impartially definitive source of information and opinion, since thankfully, there are so many of which I, through this blog, am a minuscule part within the labyrinth known as the World Wide Web. Nevertheless, somewhere within the maze the truth or, the sum of truth may rest.

Otto Marasco
April 2011

Postscript: In relation to Australian politics, it ought to come as no surprise that I was not critical of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister per se, for there are many a consistencies between our former PM’s worldview and mine. My evaluation and critique of Abbott Government was limited to matters pertaining to execution, functioning, managing and communication issues that were in my opinion, average at best. 

Updated: March 2016


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