Friday, August 17, 2012

Tony Abbott's 23 Point Action Plan

The recent High Court rejection of the tobacco's constitutional challenge to the Federal Government's plain packaging laws got me thinking about this Governments assault on individual liberty, big Government political culture in Australia and what Tony Abbott must - not ought do - to counter it and thus create a lasting legacy for his term/s of office.

  1. Repeal plain packaging for cigarettes
  2. Kill protectionist measures designed to shield local manufacturers in Government tendering
  3. Means test student tertiary loan schemes
  4. Reduce top public servant salaries
  5. Reduce company tax rates
  6. Repeal the Alcopops tax
  7. Allow the states to rule on approvals for major environmental projects
  8. Repeal the mining tax
  9. Repeal the fair work act
  10. Permit individuals to directly negotiate terms of employment with employers
  11. Offload SBS Television
  12. Reduce the baby bonus to $1,500 down from $5,437 and remove any income tests associated with it
  13. Kill all Government funded nanny state ads
  14. Kill the first home owners grant
  15. Put a cap on Government spending based on a percentage of Gross Domestic Product
  16. Privatise the CSIRO
  17. Kill off all subsidies to the local car industry
  18. End the Commonwealth grants commission
  19. Repeal the carbon tax and the renewable energy target, do away with the clean energy fund,  close down the Department of Climate Change and withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol
  20. Repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act
  21. Kill all Family Tax Benefits
  22. Forsake any plans for paid parental schemes
  23. Repeal the National Curriculum
  24. Restore ADF budget to around 3% of GDP
Anyone have any others ideas? Please advise ...

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