Friday, August 31, 2012

"Now is the time to restore the promise of America" Romney

Mitt Romney reintroduced himself to the country Thursday night in Tampa, delivering a deeply personal nomination acceptance address that balanced pledges to fix the economy and critiques of President Obama with stories about his own life and where he comes from.

Source: Fox News

There is little doubt that Obama brought a powerful promise of hope, albeit of superficial nature back in '08 but his Presidency has not lived up to the hype - a point brought home by Mitt Romney in Tampa.

An excellent speech, exuding plenty of confidence and warmth. He opened up about his faith and spoke about his family. But for mine the highlight was his eagerness to restore within the foundation of political discourse and culture qualities of individualism and self-reliance. Something I'm hoping the conservative side of politics will also restore in Australia post Rudd/Gillard.

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