Monday, July 16, 2012

The Age Run Melbourne - a win win for all

The crowd huge, the music cool (and lot's of it throughout Fed Sq and the course), and weather kind, who could ask for more ...

I arrived at Federation Square to witness thousands just like me ready to run; the vibe and feel of the event added to an almost surreal atmosphere charged with a positive can do energy that surrounded everyone at the event. At 10:35, the race began ending for me with a personal best time of 22:48 over the 5KM's. Be sure to buy this Tuesdays Age (17/7) to check final results for all including by age categories. I would be interested to note how my time compares with other over 50's. Based on 2011 results, my time of 22:48 (official) would have certainly placed me in the Top 5%.

We can be proud of the fundraising arm of the event as to date, we collectively raised over $1,800,000 for charity.

I feel compelled to rebuke my employer Metro Trains Melbourne not merely for overlooking the need to run extra trains in light of the tens of thousands who made the journey, but also for failing to sponsor me after a written request - a request that was not even acknowledged despite the best efforts to drum up interest by an immediate manager. It's the latter which is most disappointing.

Finally, I wish to extend sincere felicitations to the organising committee and members, event managers and army of volunteers for their tireless work. Their reward and ours (Melbourne’s) was an event of international standing and repute. Congratulations!

The Age Run Melbourne event will be held again on July 21, 2013.

Click here to visit my RunMelbourne fundraising page

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