Saturday, May 05, 2012

Who is Australia's Deputy Prime Minister?

Wayne Swan of course, is that what you thought? Or did think, hmmm as in the sound made when one is attempting to sound reassuring yet non-commital.

Today I conducted my own little nondescript experiment by asking a dozen company colleagues that very question: Who is our Deputy Prime Minister? The results were startling as only two answered correctly of the twelve asked. This says a great deal more about Wayne Swan than about those I asked. He just does not cut it with the electorate. This is astonishing given that he is second in command in Government. Perhaps Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest, founder of Fortescue Metals Group was on to something when he suggested that "a 'three-legged-dog' could beat Wayne Swan".

Wayne Swan is about as effective a deputy PM as Joe Biden is a Vice President bar one thing, most Americans can correctly name their VP. I can assure you that comparing Swan to Biden is no endorsement of our Deputy PM. I mean really, you know your image management has taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way when, as vice president of the United States, you’re not even considered worth killing by al Qaeda.