Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thank you Fairfax, ALP Spinners, The ABC, & wider mainstream for brilliantly elevating Tony Abbotts profile …

Via its overzealous media cohorts they – ALP spinsters – did quite nearly, pull it off by blaming it all on Tony Abbott … How perfectly shameful … Bolt sums it well in his Sunday post: 

And Labor nearly got away with it      

Here it is, Bolt’s post in its entirety, I feel certain Andrew would mind it’s reproduction here.

And Julia Gillard’s spinners nearly got away with painting Tony Abbott as the racist responsible for the riot they themselves had helped to create.

Opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne:

We know that the Prime Minister’s press group were in the gallery on Thursday afternoon, telling journalists that Tony Abbott had been responsible for this riot.

No shame at all.

Professor Bunyip knows how close Labor came to setting the willing media dogs onto Abbott:

Lies being her stock in trade, Gillard’s non-explanation explanation at her Saturday afternoon press conference was suspect from the very instant that spigot of falsehood beneath the Pinocchio nose began to drip. Several hours later, Kim Sattler, directly contradicted the woman on behalf of whose office she sped to Humpytown with word of Tony Abbott’s incendiary racism.

That mad dash is what reporters should be seeking to have explained today. It is the only question, the hinge on which the door to the race riot’s disgrace swung open and the genesis of Team Gillard’s confident whispers in the immediate aftermath of her evactuation that ultimate blame could be pinned on none but Abbott.

That wasn’t true and Gillard’s paid liars knew it. Had it not been for Ray Hadley baring the truth on talkback radio—is it any wonder luvvies hate the medium so?—the strategy would by now be proceeding apace. Today’s papers would be larded with reflections on the Opposition leader’s divisive personality, his contempt for reconciliation, the intemperance of his rhetoric and, inevitably, how the riot was the predictable second chapter in the chronicle of incitement first opened at the carbon tax protests.

By Tuesday, tertiary slurs would have been slathered over news pages and opinion columns. Not just Aborigines, but women, refugees, trees and enlightened rationality itself would be presented as the targets in Abbott’s alleged crosshairs. Now the toadies are scrambling, frantic to find a narrative which re-channels the flow of commentary and reporting onto safer ground.

How depressingly, frighteningly true.

Indeed, see how many media outlets ran Labor’s “Abbott to blame” line, some even after it was clear that Abbott had been verballed and that if any political figures were to blame for inciting the riot, they were Gillard’s own staff.

The ABC yesterday:

Aboriginal Tent Embassy activists had rushed to a restaurant in Canberra after one of the protesters told them Mr Abbott was inside. They were enraged by remarks Mr Abbott had made earlier that day.

Sky News:

A PROTEST by indigenous people who were unhappy about calls by Tony Abbott to close down the Aboriginal tent embassy . . .

Yahoo! 7 News:

TIME for tent embassy to fold: Abbott.

The Advertiser:

They were incensed by comments by Mr Abbott that it was time the makeshift embassy was wound up.


Australia Day turned ugly in Canberra yesterday after comments by Tony Abbott incited Aboriginal Tent Embassy activists to protest ...

Ten news:

The protest was launched by Aborigines from the nearby Aboriginal Tent Embassy, sparked by Tony Abbott who said the embassy now in its 40th year, should be shut down.

The protesters:

Protest spokesman Mark McMurtrie this morning blamed Mr Abbott for inciting the crowd...

And among the most shameful, Alan Moir of the Sydney Morning Herald:

If Tony Hodges’ role in the riot had not been revelaed, he would have succeeded in making Abbott seem divisive, anti-Aboriginal and a danger to community harmony. Or so much of the media would have said.

Hodges would be a hero to his troops. A PR genius.

Yet now that the truth is out, he’s sacked and disowned. Just working on his own, we’re told

And the media? Not a sorry said to Abbott. And from the ABC and the Fairfax media, a profound uninterest in blaming guilty Labor for a race riot which they were so keen to pin on the innocent Abbott.

As Bunhyip so fittingly advocates: We most certainly need an election now
I found the following words from Bob Carr most appropriate:

I agree with Tony Abbott and think his remarks entirely sensible. The tent embassy in Canberra says nothing to anyone and should have been quietly packed up years ago. The “activists” who run it would be better off investing time in youth programs in indigenous communities. Every government in Australia is aware of its responsibilities to Aboriginal Australians. The debate is how you narrow the gap not whether you should and the debate is as serious within the Aboriginal community as between it and the white.

Anyway here we have again the bankruptcy of the old Leftist approach: throw a demo. Every time some respectable body does this – the ACTU or Unions NSW or a pro-refugee group – the same thing happens: on the street the extremists take over. The Trots love a blue, “the worse things are the better they are” and by radicalizing everyone and breaking heads it all hastens the World October, onto revolution, comrades.

Don’t look for logic.

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It all makes for the grubbiest of politics but in this instance, to Tony Abbotts advantage ...Thanks again Trotskyists, Anarchists, Marxists and more generally, leftist simpletons ...