Monday, September 05, 2011

Julia Gillard will be our Prime Minister at next election: Rudd

I firmly believe Julia is still in lots of trouble but this should ease some nerves, albeit temporarily.

Noboby should be in doubt about who will lead the Labor Party to the next election says Kevin Rudd. In a statement that should provide some provisional and much needed respite to Julia Gillard, the Foreign Minister firmly rejected any suggestion that he was once again seeking the Prime Minister’s job. Julia Gillard being one of the toughest women in politics will continue to lead us effectively with the full, unconditional and unequivocal support of the caucus, Mr Rudd told reporters this afternoon. Rudd joins other past and present Labor figures including Wayne Swan, Chris Bowen, Peter Garrett, Bob Carr, Peter Beattie and Bill Shorten who have previously publically backed Julia Gillard.
Now moreover, if you believe anything you have just read you will believe anything … OJ