Saturday, April 09, 2011

Images of Federal Labor - It's Kevin 11

Who needs words? Seriously though, Rudd's 2011 ascendancy gives new life to my old "Rudd watch" label. The former PM is going about his business and in doing so, willingly contributing to labor's implosion. One wonders who Kevin 11 dislikes most, Julia or Tony? Now tell me that's not a fair and valid question. While I doubt whether there is any move to dump Gillard within the caucus, Rudd is priming himself but for what?

Is it not a bit like changing captains on the Titanic after hitting the iceberg?

Illustration by Bill Leak. Source: The Australian

Source: ABC Thinkstock

Source: HWT Image

Illustration by Jon Kudelka. Source: The Australian

And remember this one

Now now Kevin, let's just get the party over the line then we'll give you the foreign gig. But was that enough?

Source: ABC

Source: HWT

Source: SMH

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The Herald Sun's Samantha Maiden reports that Kevin is back on deck as Kevin 11:
KEVIN 11 is on the job. And there's not much Julia Gillard can do about it.

His ambition is there for all to see.

But he's hardly organising the numbers for a leadership challenge. Instead, the Foreign Affairs Minister is performing strongly in his portfolio, which is more than some of his Cabinet critics can say.

Colleagues say Rudd returned from his international campaign for a No Fly Zone over Libya a "changed man".

Rudd has got his groove back. Even his signature "magic hands" gesticulations are back in action.
One wonders whether his signature colloquialism will also make a comeback?

Kevin ascendancy is gaining some extraordinary momentum in print media! Julia must be cringing.

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