Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is there a real Julia Gillard or is she under construction ...

Consistent with my previous post, the Australians Paul Kelly explains,

The Australian public does not know Julia Gillard, and remains divided and confused about her values, beliefs, journey to power and what she really represents ... She appears too much as a work in progress. The reason is obvious - Gillard is a Prime Minister under construction. She is engaged in self-discovery, sorting out not just her policy framework but the convictions for which she will live or die. She is not fully formed as a political persona because she got the job too early. By the time Bob Hawke, John Howard and Paul Keating became prime minister the public had a clear view of their political identity. This had its negatives as well as its positives. But as Howard kept saying, "at least the public knows what I stand for".

It is hardly a surprise that people are confused.
What is it with the resent crop of Labor luminaries, Rudd was displaying the same confusing characteristics, did anyone know the real Rudd?

As I wrote in another post, Julia appears to be an:
fluid and fragmented evolving self, just getting to know her place in the world ...
This brings concepts of self to mind, of one being 'constructed' by experiences, ah yes, Julia the post modernist.