Friday, March 04, 2011

Greg Sheridan seems ropable about PM's latest foreign policy gaffe

Greg Sheridan tells it like it is. Julia Gillard's office can't seem to get anything right with matters foreign policy. He refers to comments made about the East Asia Summit.

What on earth is going on in the PM's office? These are scripted speeches, for heaven's sake. It is one thing to proclaim proudly that as Prime Minister you have had no previous interest in foreign policy. It is another all together to show such colossal ignorance of such basic matters of regional diplomacy ... Were these speeches not reviewed in advance? Is the PM's office utterly chaotic in these matters? How can anyone take Australian prime ministerial diplomacy seriously when on the one hand it is fixated on fantasy and on the other it cannot get the most basic elements of regional diplomacy right? So far almost everything the PM touches in foreign policy she turns into a humiliating mess.
I'm beginning to worry about the speech Gillard reads when she addresses a joint session of the US Congress later this month. Clearly she's out of her league ...

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