Monday, February 21, 2011

Thanks for the cost of living hikes Labor

A very big and warm thank you to Federal and State Labor governments and there progressive cohorts for this:

POWER prices will double from their 2008 level by 2015, according to a report to be released today ... The Australian Industry Group report also claims that the Federal Government's small-scale renewable energy scheme is expected to add a further $1.2 billion to electricity costs for consumers this year alone ... The forecast rises will wipe out the Baillieu Government's extended help for low-income Victorians ... Under the scheme, more than 815,000 pensioners, war veterans, single parents, people with disabilities and carers will receive year-round 17.5 per cent discounts on bills from March 1. Concession-card holders with an annual bill of $1500 will save $262 ... While admitting the need for a carbon price, to provide certainty for investment, the report warns that resultant price rises will be inevitable. And, if designed poorly, it will add even more to the already ballooning cost of energy for consumers and business ... Ai Group chief executive Heather Ridout said it was clear Australian businesses and households needed to prepare for escalating electricity and gas prices over the next decade. 
What really annoys me is the extent that Labor went to ... to tell us otherwise:

Oh, and who could forget this:

I think it's labor who has been there too long ... Working families had never been better off as they were back when the much maligned Howard first said it.

  • Melbourne CPI (Consumer Price Index) up 14.9%
  • Average full-time wages up 25%
  • Water up 79.6%
  • Electricity up 59.1%
  • Gas up 39.2%
  • Rates up 38.1%
  • Insurance up 27.5%
  • Rent up 25.5%
  • Mail up 21.6%
  • Home loan costs up 12.9%
  • Financial services up 3.2%
  • Telcos up 1.7%
  • Fruit, vegetables up 30.3%
  • Bread, cereal up 23.5%
  • Dairy up 21.7%
  • Meals out, takeaway up 21%
  • Drinks, snacks up 20.6%
  • Meat, seafood up 15.8%
  • Hospital and medical up 32.8%
  • Dental Up 22.8%
  • Medicines up 8.9%
  • Optical up 6.9%
  • Tolls, rego, charges up 37.2%
  • Car parts, accessories up 17.5%
  • Public transport fares up 14.6%
  • Car repair, service up 13.6%
  • Fuel up 7.2%
  • Cars down 2.8%
  • Secondary school up 35.8%
  • Preschool, primary Up 27.8%
  • University up 22.5%
  • Child care down 29.2%
  • Tobacco up 50.2%
  • Spirits up 35.2%
  • Beer up 28.5%
  • Wine up 4.6%
  • Shoes down 1.2%
  • Men's down 6.1%
  • Children and baby down 11.1%
  • Women's DOWN 13.4%
  • Hairdressing and beauty up 18.9%
  • Toiletries up 3%
  • Sport up 14.3%
  • Books, newspapers, magazines up 9%
  • TV, stereo, computer Down 21.9%
  • Repairs, maintenance up 17.8%
  • Holidays up 9.2%
  • Cleaning agents up 3.3%
  • Furniture up 2.1%
  • Appliances, utensils, tools down 1.9%
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics CPI data. Dec quarter 2005-2010. St Vincent de Paul Society analysis.

On the back of this Julia Gillard still clains labor is the fair party, as noted by The Age's Shaun Carney, "Gillard has also now embraced a more traditional, collectivist Labor rhetorical style, eschewing the presidential tone of her recent speeches. She told Mitchell (3AW) she was":
''a Labor Prime Minister. I'm from a Labor government. We do things in a Labor way, which means fairly, and when we do things fairly that means we assist people with the most needs, and high-income earners like you and me do get asked to look after ourselves - and we can.''
We do things fairly?

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Melburnians face massive hikes in water bills for desalination plant
Premier Ted Baillieu admitted today the contract signed by the former Labor Government couldn't be broken and the "white elephant'' desalination plant could cost a maximum $23.9 billion ... The desalinated water will cost up to $13.58 a kilolitre - compared with just $1 for our current supplies.