Monday, February 28, 2011

Mad Men - Mad about things ...

Have just finished viewing Season 2 ...

Why we love Mad Men

A gorgeous cast, flawlessly recreated settings
and styles, and the backdrop of one of
the most interesting periods in modern
American history: there are many reasons
why the TV show Mad Men has been such a hit.
Perhaps the most compelling is the portrayal of the
cultural and political environment of the late 1950s
and early 1960s, which contrasts, often pleasingly,
with the present day.
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It's true, I am actually consuming more scotch since since I started watching the series. Is it too early for one now? Click here for my scotch of the moment ...

Past proof that smoking is good for you?

Smoke, food and drink fascists, tee totaling do gooders, piggish moralists, and pompous bureaucrats ... spare me ...

There's some in the house but as yet, haven't reached for the Stuyvesant's ... My business if I do ...