Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Labor record of failure second to none ...

Why on earth would anyone vote for this crowd ever again ... The news today is that yet another of Rudd Gillard or Gillard Rudd's ventures turns to nothing:

TOYOTA’S locally built Hybrid Camry has flunked its first year, selling thousands fewer than expected and attracting just 1400 private buyers despite millions in government funding ... Industry Minister Kim Carr defended the project yesterday. Canberra pumped $35 million from the $1.3 billion Green Car Innovation Fund into the car.
For mine the Governments green Car Innovation Fund was always questionable or at worst, a hand out to unions.

But really federal Labors record of non achievement is a sorry tale. Last years much touted and now scrapped health deal,  the Building the Education Revolution (BER), the free computer delays, super clinic delays, the East Timor detention centre, boat people arrivals, new Asia forum, Aboriginal housing nonsense, ETS,  U.N. Security Council bid, all the failed Green programs, and this is just of the top of my head.

Effective policy implementation has been a non starter, in fact this is the most ineffectual government in modern Australian history. What is also of concern is the lack of media scrutiny given the litany of failures. The Canberra press gallery would rather focus on pop culture politics than policy creation and implementation. Just perhaps though, it maybe more a case of the media's inability to analyse the quality of Government. John Roskam from Melbourne's IPA noted this last week in the Fin Review.
So, in 2011 this is what Australian politics has come to. Prime Minister Julia Gillard looking "wooden" during the Queensland floods versus Opposition Leader Tony Abbott not talking for 12 seconds during a television interview. Why would anyone bother doing policy? Pop psychology deployed against your opponent is easy to do and entertaining for the public. And for the media, it's more fun to discuss the imagined emotional state of our leaders than to dissect the regulatory framework governing Australia's telecommunications industry for the next 20 years. The most popular politician in Australia at the moment is Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. If there were a vote tomorrow for president of an Australian republic, she'd probably win easily .... 
Read the whole piece here

In writing about Labor on/ff off/on health reform package Leo Shanahan puts it nicely:
All of the Rudd/Gillard big policy failures seem to follow a similar pattern: from the ETS to tax reform to asylum seekers we’ve been promised big revolutionary change, followed by broken promises and backdowns, followed by a new Prime Minister who proceeded to reaffirm her support for, then promptly tear up the old plans. All of this becoming so far removed from the originals they hope we’d forgot they were still breaking promises.

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