Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 Election

Game on !!!

Ladies and gentleman it’s materializing; recall the credence that only recently settled on the belief that this Government would win a second term in office. No longer, our collective efforts are having an effect; the tide has turned as collectively, we the #MyLiberals continue driving what I can only refer to as, an elegant collapse of consensus. Find the evidence is here ... The warm glow of Gillard and previously Kevin Rudd - the warm and fuzzies - is evaporating before our eyes...

Update 2:

Where does one start so much has happened and all well documented, but I thought I might just add a line from none other than Bob Hawke who once hacked the conservatives saying:

“If you can’t govern yourselves you can’t govern the country.”

Yesterdays events in Queensland surrounding a resigned and despondent looking Kevin Rudd and following on, Latham approaching Julia will mark a pronounced turning point; one that sees Gillards campaign sink. We're back ...

Update 3 (Post election):

It was July 2008 that I posted a short piece, Liberals can win in 2010. In it, I put forward that the Rudd ascendancy was not nearly as robust as both mainstream media and accepted community wisdom indicated. It was based on the straightforward premise that,

“less than nine of labor's 83 seats were won by margins of less than 1.5%.”
Fast-forward just over two years and we see that the Rudd/Gillard experiment, one dictated by old style central planning, has been buried by the voters in those very seats highlighted in my 2008 piece amongst others. Last night the ALP’s “big government” dip into the Keynesian handbook of economic thoughts came to a crashing end in spectacular style.

Truly amazing was the circumstances of the governments downfall, the Coalition has made history in spite of 5 ALP state and 2 ALP territory governments, the ABC apparatus, the multi-billion dollar union movements relentless campaigning , years of anti conservative educational indoctrination and a 79 year history of first term governments being re-elected a second time. Tony Abbott will never been seen in the same light again.

Past readers of this blog will know that I was an early devotee of the Tony Abbott brand, as highlighted here and here. I was particularly drawn to his social conservative qualities, and I remember with a sense of personal attachment, a phone call of gratitude arriving in our household from the Member for Warringah’s staff back in 2008.

It is hoped that this Labor loss will at last cure it of its messiah complex, but first we need prepare for the Labor recriminations, paybacks, and bloodletting. It is all ahead of us folks and will make for juicy viewing.

This blogs raison d'être has been wholly justified, I am grateful to all that sent supporting emails and the like.

Once again, I rest my oars.

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