Thursday, October 15, 2009

Victorian Government cache of annual reports

It’s not only improper but very wrong, not merely discourteous but out-and-out rude and most certainly contemptuous conduct. I am referring to the Victorian Governments decision to release 300 reports simultaneously; reports that are expected to be tabled in parliament on Thursday.

What is more, Premier John Brumby is out of town and most nearly all his Ministers are scattered throughout the state. It may be politically adept however, it underscores the very tangible level of disrespect the Brumby Government has for its constituents. In the words of Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu:
"There will be hundreds tomorrow and they'll be piled high to the ceiling yet again," adding, "That's just another example of this government not wanting to be transparent or accountable and wanting to do a snow job on Victorians."
This practice of hoarding annual reports and dumping them at once to avoid proper scrutiny may be common practice, but the Victorian Government is expert at it.

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