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Latest articles and Media releases - Federal Liberal Members and Senators

Chronicling the latest writings including media releases of Federal Liberal Members and Senators …

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Tampa Entrants try again
Senator Gary Humphries - ACT
June 4, 2009
Four illegal entrants aboard the Tampa in 2004 have tried again in the last 8 months to enter Australia illegally, a Senate Estimates committee has been told. Liberal Senator Gary Humphries said today that the second attempt by these people, who were found in 2004 not to be refugees, is evidence that asylum seekers are receiving a signal that Australia’s border protection policies have been relaxed. >> more

No Place for Noble Savages
Tony Abbott - Warringah
May 8, 2009
At some point in the early 1970s, official policy towards Aboriginal people shifted from integration and assimilation to self-determination. It reflected guilt about their dispossession and embarrassment at the destruction of their culture. Decent Australians wanted Aboriginal people to feel proud of their heritage and be able to pass it on to their children. They thought that New Zealand provided a better model than Australia for the treatment of indigenous people and wanted this aspect of our national life to reflect our best selves. Government officials who had previously tended to underestimate Aboriginal people began to expect too much of them. The former tendency to paternalism swiftly became one of "noble savage" romanticism, especially under the influence of H.C. Coombs. >> more

Stand up and be counted
Bob Baldwin - Paterson
March 31, 2009
Member for Paterson, Bob Baldwin MP, is encouraging all eligible young Australians to stand up, have their say and be counted, as part of National Youth Week (28 March-5 April 2009). “This year, the theme for National Youth Week is ‘Make a move’ and I think it’s a great time for the youth of the Paterson electorate to make the move to ensure that their opinions are heard, by enrolling to vote,” Mr Baldwin said. >> more

Debt Worse than Whitlam
Pat Farmer - Macarthur
May 12, 2009
I cannot believe that our nation has gone from a surplus of $22 billion to over $188 billion in debt within 18 months of Labor government. Every man, woman and child will have to pay the price for this typical Labor tax-and-spend exercise," the Hon Pat Farmer MP, Federal Member for Macarthur said today. This Budget reveals the high price all Australians will pay for Labor’s reckless spending spree over the past 18 months." "One million unemployed by 2010-11, a record $58 billion deficit, and record net debt of at least $188 billion by 2012-13 are all key markers of the failure of the Rudd Government’s economic management. >> more

Climate Change Competition
Joanna Gash - Gilmore
May 5, 2009
Federal Member for Gilmore Joanna Gash says local school students are being urged to think about what climate change means to them and send in their thoughts for the chance to win one of 12 prizes. Entries are now being taken in the form of short stories, poems or artwork as part of the Think Climate Think Change Schools Competition, drawing on the talent of primary and secondary students across Australia. >> more

Mitchell Jobs Forum Generates Great Ideas
Alex Hawke - Mitchell
On Monday, I joined with the Sydney Hills Business Chamber to host a local Jobs Forum with Steven Ciobo MP, Shadow Minister for Small Business, and Senator the Hon Michael Ronaldson, Shadow Special Minister for State. Around 130 small business people and representatives from other community organisations came along to discuss the economic situation and have their say on how government policy can be improved with regard to small business and job creation. >> more

Rudd's debt plan not credible
Joe Hockey - North Sydney
May 26, 2009
The Prime Minister said today that he had a plan to pay off all his net debt by 2022. The Treasurer has said that peak net debt will reach $203 billion in 2013-14. The Budget Papers assume above trend growth for six consecutive years followed by trend growth for another six years. This is an unprecedented 12 years of uninterrupted growth at or well-above historical trend. Today I referred to Budget Paper 1, 3-8 which states that “the Budget is currently projected to return to surplus in 2015-16” >>more

NSW health in greater crisis thanks to Rudd
Sussan Ley - Farrer
June 2, 2009
All Australians will pay more for health care if the Rudd Government changes private health insurance laws, Member for Farrer Sussan Ley said in Parliament, last night. >>more

Mental Health Recommendations Welcome
Louise Markus - Greenway
May 1, 2009
Louise Markus and Bob Baldwin today welcomed the release of the Dunt Report into Mental Health Care in the Australian Defence Force. Following extensive veteran community consultation, Mrs Markus said “Today’s report is a significant step forward in addressing outstanding issues in mental health care for defence force personnel and the ex-service community.” >>more

Plibersek's First Home Saver Lemon reveals Labor's Budget Waste
Scott Morrison - Cooke
June 6, 2009
Federal Shadow Minister for Housing, Scott Morrison said the Federal Housing Minster, Tanya Plibersek’s failure to acknowledge the chronic failure of her First Home Saver Account scheme in the lead up to this year’s budget has squandered the chance to realise $700 million in savings, that would have reduced Labor’s record $315 billion debt or stopped their cruel cuts to the Medicare safety net. >>more

Shadow Treasurer's Budget response presentation
Dr Brendan Nelson - Bradfield

Centacare family catholic services receives funding
Philip Ruddock - Berowra
The Member for Berowra, Philip Ruddock MP said today that he was pleased that Centacare Family Catholic Services in his electorate has been given Federal government funding of up to $145,874 until June 2011 for a children and parenting program under the Australian Government’s new Family Support Program. >>more

Schultz backs Coalition Amendments to Youth Allowance & Commissions a Petition to the Government
Alby Schultz - Hume
June 5, 2009
Federal Member for Hume, Alby Schultz, today backed the Coalition’s stance to amend the retrospective changes to Youth Allowance to ensure that students currently undertaking their gap year will still receive Youth Allowance in 2010. “What the Rudd Government doesn’t seem to care about is that students have made decisions to defer study for a year in good faith, relying on advice from their schools’ course advisers, Centrelink officials, and other information from the Government.” Mr Schultz said. >>more

Chris O’Brien
Malcolm Turnbull - Wentworth
June 5, 2009
Lucy and I are very sad to learn of our friend Chris O’Brien’s death overnight. Our deepest sympathy, our thoughts and our prayers are with Gail, Adam, Juliette and James. Chris O’Brien is an inspiring, great Australian. >> more

Government Approves Long Awaited Medicare Eligible MRI Unit for Shire
Donna Vale - Hughes
December 2, 2008
The Government has approved an application lodged by Southern Radiology to start Medicare-eligible magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services in the Sutherland Shire from next year. The application was strongly supported by Danna Vale MP, Federal Member for Hughes, who believes local residents have been unable to claim on Medicare for local MRI treatment for too long. >> more

Bill Heffernan - Senator

Marise Payne - Senator

Labor's nation wrecking budget
Steven Ciobo - Moncrieff
May 12, 2009
The Gold Coast’s Federal MP’s have criticised Wayne Swan’s Budget, saying Gold Coasters will pay for Labor’s reckless spending. “This Budget reveals the high price all Australians will pay for Labor’s reckless spending spree over the past 18 months,” Federal Member for Moncrieff Steven Ciobo said. >> more

Private Health Insurance Hikes
Peter Dutton - Dickson
The Rudd Labor Government was forced to reveal today that a staggering 1.7 million Australians – 10 per cent of the population - will be slugged with massive hikes in private health insurance costs and taxes in the wake of the Rudd Government’s broken promise on health insurance rebates. One point six million people face an automatic increase of up to 42 per cent in their private health insurance premiums. >> more

Deputy Prime Minister refuses to discuss IVF Backflip
Michael Johnson - Ryan
May 28, 2009
In a disgraceful act during question time today, the Deputy Prime Minister refused to take a question from the Federal Opposition relating to whether she stands by a petition she initiated in 2005 which called for Government support for IVF funding to be maintained. “Given the public interest in this issue, especially with families and those concerned about the increased cost of IVF treatment if the Rudd Labor Government’s Budget legislation is passed, it is appalling that Ms Gillard will not answer for what her party is trying to do”, Mr Johnson said. >> more

Laming slams Labor Road inaction
Andrew Laming Bowman
March 18, 2009
Questioning State Labor’s commitment to local roads, Federal Member for Bowman Andrew Laming alleged in Parliament that a local State Labor MP privately referred to local intersection upgrades as “keeping the whingers happy.” In what Mr Laming described as robbing Peter to pay Paul, he slammed the decision to rip money out of the dual laning of Cleveland-Redland Bay Road in order to fund upgrades to German Church Road. According to Mr Laming, the same State Labor MP conceded privately that “The dual laning of Cleveland Redland Bay Road won’t happen for years.” >> more

Kids Jobs in Supermarkets to go
Peter Lindsay - Herbert
June 5, 2009
Hundreds of part-time jobs in Townsville will be axed, while consumers will face higher grocery bills and shorter shopping hours because of Labor’s sweeping changes to workplace laws. Two of Australia’s biggest employers – Coles and Woolworths – warn the changes could result in as many of 5000 jobs being lost nationwide. Federal Member for Herbert Peter Lindsay said the Coalition is pushing for amendments to be made to the Rudd Government’s Fair Work Bill to protect teenagers’ jobs whereby employers will be slugged with having to pay higher penalty rates. >> more

Ian Macfarlane - Groom
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Pension relief welcome, budget details worrying
Margaret May - McPherson
Federal Member for McPherson, Margaret May MP, has welcomed the Rudd Government back flip on the age pension after first calling for an increase on 16 May last year. “I welcome the increase in the age pension after the government rejected calls from the Coalition to increase the pension last year. “The Coalition first initiated this policy last year by introducing legislation into the Parliament but the Rudd Government voted against the initiative at the time, Margaret said today. >> more

Stuart Robert - Fadden
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Peter Slipper - Fisher
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Alexander Somlyay - Fairfax
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Public Servants "Double Dip" on paid parental leave
Sue Boyce - Senator
June 1, 2009
Federal public servants will receive $544 a week from the Paid Parental Leave Scheme plus their existing generous paid maternity leave of 12 weeks on full pay including superannuation. Under questioning by Senator Sue Boyce during Senate Estimates last night, the Department of FaHCSIA confirmed that all public servants would get two lots of benefits meaning taxpayers will pay twice for women having babies in the public service. >> more

George Brandis - Senator
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Finally they've listened
Ian Macdonald - Senator
June 3, 2009
The Federal Government announced this week that it would contribute half the cost of sealing the Peninsula Development Road and the Wills Development Roads in North-West Queensland. >> more

Brett Mason - Senator
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$549 000 and Counting for Rudd’s Asia Pacific Community Report
Russell Trood - Senator
June 2, 2009
In Senate Estimates hearings last night, an official from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) revealed that the report commissioned by the Prime Minister for his grand vision of an Asia Pacific Community had cost Australian taxpayers in excess of $549 000.
The information was provided in answers to questions by Queensland Senator, Russell Trood. While Senator Trood welcomed the conclusion of the report he was critical that the findings of the report would not be made public except for those released by the Prime Minister in his recent Shangri-La speech. >> more

Jamie interviewed on Skynews Agenda
Jamie Briggs - Mayo
May 29, 2009
Visit site and follow link

Coalition to move amendments to Youth Allowance
Christopher Pyne - Sturt
June 5, 2009
The Coalition will move to amend the retrospective changes to Youth Allowance proposed by the Rudd Government to ensure that students currently undertaking their gap year will still receive Youth Allowance in 2010. >> more

Jobs lost in Employment Services
Rowan Ramsey - Grey
April 14, 2009
Loss of jobs and disruption to service to job seekers are likely to be the results of the government’s decision to take Job Network contracts away from established providers in our regional centres, Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey said today. “Under the new Job Services Australia programme, well-accredited job network providers, such as Complete Personnel, Ask Employment and Mission Australia have not had their contracts renewed with new agencies, some overseas based have been awarded these contracts instead,” he said. “This loss is likely to impact on the ability of these locally based organisations to deliver a range of other services. >> more

Sydney-based Labor Minister takes funds from Regions
Patrick Secker - Barker
June 2, 2009
Federal Member for Barker, Patrick Secker MP, today denied reports that he had voted against funding for a local road project. The Statement by Minister Albanese is an outright lie!” said Mr Secker. “At no time did I ever vote against funding for roads, and especially not for the Sturt Highway. “As Member for Barker I secured $205 million for the Sturt Highway in the Riverland to make it significantly safer for the thousands of vehicles that use it daily. >> more

Apprenticeship Commencements Fall 10% in 6 Months
Andrew Southcott - Boothby
June 3, 2009
Today’s release of the latest NCVER apprentice and trainee statistics show that regrettably, apprenticeship commencements in traditional trades have decreased 10% from the March 2008 quarter to the December 2008 quarter. While Kevin Rudd has told Parliament “our overall principle is this: to support jobs, small business and apprenticeships today by building the infrastructure our nation needs for tomorrow”, it is clear his Government needs better targeted initiatives. >> more

Green energy too expensive for Rudd Government
Cory Bernardi - Senator
May 26, 2009
A broken promise from the Rudd Government was exposed yesterday during Senate Estimates hearings, said Senator Cory Bernardi today.

Despite Kevin Rudd’s promise before the 2007 Election to power Parliament House and all MP electorate offices with green energy, questioning by Senator Bernardi revealed that the Rudd Government now deems it too expensive.

"I was told by officers of the Department of Parliamentary Services that the new electricity contract for Parliament House only uses 10 per cent green electricity, due to ‘stark cost implications,’" Senator Bernardi said. >> more

Simon Birmingham - Senator
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Alan Furguson - Senator
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Mary Jo Fisher - Senator
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Nick Minchin
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Senate Report: Labor must rule-out reopening RFA
Eric Abetz - Senator
May 7, 2009
Labor must rule out reopening Tasmania’s Regional Forest Agreement in the light of a recent Labor/Greens Senate report recommendation that RFAs be re-examined, Senator Eric Abetz said today.

The Labor/Green majority recommendation, recommends:
“…the the Independent Review consider the findings in this report and recommend proposals for reform that would ensure that RFAs, in respect of matters within the scope of Part 3 of the EPBC Act, deliver environmental protection outcomes, appeal rights, and enforcement mechanisms no weaker than if the EPBC Act directly applied.
It is contained in the recently tabled Inquiry into the operation of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. >> more

Guy Barnett - Senator
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Labor Debt and Labor Unemployment to hit Tasmanians hard
David Bushby - Senator
May 18, 2009
“Labor’s $188 billion debt bomb budget reveals that there will soon be 1,000,000 Australians without jobs,” Senator David Bushby said.

Recent jobless figures in Tasmania showed that a higher proportion of Tasmanians are now out of work than any other state, with the number of Tasmanians on unemployment benefits rising from 10,900 in March to 15,300 in May. >> more

Richard Colbeck - Senator
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Stephen Parry - Senator
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Rudd must stop ignoring aged care in Menzies
Kevin Andrews - Menzies
Older Australians are once again paying the price for Labor’s reckless spending.

The Rudd Labor government’s financial mismanagement and massive debt has meant that it has again overlooked the embattled aged care sector.

“Kevin Rudd must stop ignoring the aged care crisis in Menzies, local member Kevin Andrews, said today. >> more

Building surveyors needed now
Fran Bailey - McEwen
June 4, 2009
Community regeneration following the Black Saturday fires would stall without additional building surveyors being available to fast-track applications to construct new homes, said member for McEwen Fran Bailey. >> more

Dictates’ devalues school improvement funding
Bruce Billson - Dunkley
May 29, 2009
Langwarrin Primary is one of many schools frustrated that available Federal funding for building works can’t be used for improvements and facility upgrades the school community urgently needs and really wants.

Local federal MP Bruce Billson said ‘take it or leave it’ attitude of the current State and Federal Labor Governments is at odds with trusting and supporting local school communities to know their priorities and needs, and how to get the best value from the funding available. >> more

Russell Broadbent - McMillan
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Peter Costello recognises volunteers in Higgins
Peter Costello - Higgins

Petro Georgiou MP

Young western Victorians bear brunt of Rudd budget blow-out
David Hawker - Wannon
May 21, 2009
The Rudd Labor Government’s reckless spending and mounting debt will be an albatross around the neck of young Western Victorians, Federal Member for Wannon David Hawker said today. “The huge and unprecedented burden of debt left to our children in this Budget is disgraceful. And it will be today’s teenagers who will really bear the brunt – with unemployment expected to soar in the next few years. There will be
1 million Australians unemployed by 2010-11, and unfortunately many of them will be young jobseekers,” he said. >> more

D-Day Looms for the $8,000 Solar Panel Rebate: Election Promise to be Broken
Greg Hunt - Flinders
June 4, 2009
Just one day out from World Environment Day, it is time the Rudd Government spelt out its plans for a new solar rebate scheme that makes it harder for many families to ‘go solar’. Solar Homes is to be replaced by Solar Credits which offers only half the benefit to many families. It was supposed to start in 25 days, but the public has been told little about the new scheme. >> more

Sophie Mirrabella - Indi
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Government Continues Destabilisation Campaign
Chris Pearce - Aston
May 29, 2009
Today Chris Pearce noted with disbelief that the Government continues to undermine confidence, certainty and stability in superannuation. The Government has today released details relating to the Review into the Governance, Efficiency and Structure and Operation of Australia's Superannuation System. Amazingly, this Review will not report to the Government for over a year! >> more

Labor Premiers, the U.S. and business undercut Rudd’s ETS – final vote must be deferred
Andrew Robb - Goldstein
June 5, 2009
The last 24 hours have contained just the latest in a series of embarrassing truths for the Rudd Government over their emissions trading scheme which underscores the commonsense of deferring the vote on this legislation until the New Year.

Research prepared for the State and Territory Government’s[i] show that 126,000 full-time jobs will be lost or foregone throughout every area of Australia under the Government’s rushed and bungled scheme, the US has admitted countries do not need to have legislation in place before Copenhagen and the Business Council of Australia have destroyed the Government’s argument that ‘certainty’ requires a vote this year. >> more

Speech in Parliament - Matter of Public Importance - Budget 2009/10
Tony Smith - Casey
May 27, 2009
TONY SMITH (Casey) (3.57 pm)—I commend you, Madam Deputy Speaker, on your choice. It has been two weeks of chaos and confusion since the budget—two weeks of utter debilitation for employee share ownership schemes across Australia. Two weeks ago, on budget night, the Assistant Treasurer made an announcement that snap-froze every employee share scheme around Australia, and for two weeks the government have ducked, weaved and done everything possible except take responsibility for the chaos they have caused. >> more

Campbell hands over Kettle chips with a loss of 40 jobs
Sharman Stone - Murray
June 5, 2009
It is very disappointing and tragic for the families of the 40 who will be made redundant following the Real McCoy’s termination of its contract with Campbell’s to manufacture Kettle chips at their Lemnos plant. Dr Sharman Stone, Federal Member for Murray, said it is a real loss to see another 40 jobs in the food manufacturing sector, go from the area. >> more

Victorian Bushfires
Jason Wood - Latrobe
February 10, 2009
During this devastating time for Victorians, I would like to thank our local CFA units for their hard work protecting La Trobe. On Saturday, a fire broke out in Upper Ferntree Gully which threatened the Dandenong Ranges. I was driving along Dorset Road at this time and noticed that even traffic lights were shaking in the strong winds. It is only because of our local brigades’ sheer determination and hard work that the fire was contained and the Dandenong Ranges, saved. >> more

Transcript - Sky News AM Agenda - 8 June 2009
Mitch Fifield - Senator

Helen Kroger - Senator
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Swine Flu is No National Crisis
Julian McGauran - Senator
June2, 2009
The Prime Minister has been attacked for whipping into a frenzy the current swine flu outbreak at the expense of Australian taxpayers. Liberal Senator for Victoria, Julian McGauran says the Rudd Government has wasted millions of dollars on buying up ten million Tamiflu doses and launching an expensive multi media Government campaign on how to blow our noses and sneeze politely. >> more

Michael Ronaldson - Senator
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Scott Ryan - Senator
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Rudd and Danby - Broken promises and crushing debt
Judith Troeth - Senator
Labor’s 2009 Budget has broken several key promises and saddled current and future generations with crushing debt thanks to Mr Rudd and Melbourne Ports MP Mr Danby, Victorian Liberal Senator Judith Troeth said today. “Mr Rudd and Mr Danby at the 2007 election promised to maintain the Coalition’s superannuation tax and co-contribution arrangements and the 30% private health insurance rebate,” said Senator Troeth. >> more

North Korea provocation must not be rewarded
Julie Bishop - Curtin
May 27, 2009
North Korea’s military regime must not be rewarded for its provocative behaviour, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop said today. “It is deeply concerning to read reports that North Korea has today threatened a military strike against South Korea, restarted its nuclear reprocessing plant to produce additional weapons-grade plutonium and fired three more short-range missiles,” Ms Bishop said. >> more

Barry Haase - Kalgoorlie
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‘Pass-out’ drinking game must be banned
Steve Irons - Swan
March 13, 2009
A drinking game entitled ‘Pass-out’ recently advertised in Western Australia must be banned, Federal Member for Swan, Steve Irons MP said today. ‘Pass-out’, which claims to be the world’s best-selling adult drinking game, was advertised alongside family and children’s games in a brochure. >> more

Broadband woes in southern suburbs
Dennis Jensen - Tangney
May 28, 2009
Many angry southern Perth suburbs residents are being denied the most basic Internet service access and feel the Federal Government’s planned National Broadband Network in the future is irrelevant when their needs are not being met today, Federal Member for Tangney Dennis Jensen said Wednesday. >> more

Labor votes against Jobs
Michael Keenan - stirling
June 2, 2009
Today in the House the Coalition tried to make changes to the Government's job destroying award modernisation process. An arrogant Labor Government refused to accept that massively increasing the wages bills of Australian small business will send some of them to the wall and force others to sack staff. >> more

Nola Marino - Forrest
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Judi Moylan - Pearce
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It’s official – Forrest Highway from Perth to Bunbury
Don Randall - Canning
March 15, 2009
Don Randall was pleased to co-launch the official naming of the Perth-Bunbury highway project as the Forrest Highway with WA Minister for Transport, Hon. Simon O’Brien MLC today. Mr Randall was pleased with the decision to name the Perth-Bunbury Highway the Forrest Highway in recognition of the great role that Sir John Forrest played in the development of Western Australia. >> more

Australia an easy target for people smugglers under Labor
Luke Simpkins - Cowan
December 8, 2008
Federal Member for Cowan, Luke Simpkins has condemned Labor’s border security policies,saying Australia is now more of a target for people smugglers. >> more

Wilson Tuckey tables Youth Allowance Petition
Wilson Tuckey - O'Connor
Wilson Tuckey today tabled a Petition in the House of Representatives containing over 6,500 signatures. “Considering these signatures have been gathered in two weeks from every State in Australia, this demonstrates the strong level of concern in rural and regional Australia with the retrospective nature of the Rudd Government’s new legislation” Mr Tuckey said. “It would appear to me that sufficient consultation was not taken as to the effect of this legislation on gap year students who have been working in good faith, towards qualifying for the Youth Allowance and who have now discovered they will not qualify for next year and possibly the year after”. >> more

Mal Washer - Moore
Dr Mal Washer MP

Small Business challenge will ensure strength of Swan Valley
Judith Adams - Senator
March 31, 2009
Liberal Senator for Western Australia Judith Adams praised the Swan Chamber of Commerce’s new initiative to support Small Business. The ‘Swan Experience’ is a fantastic opportunity to allow small business owners to raise the standards of their customer service, retain their customers and build pride in their staff. >> more

Michaelia Cash - Senator
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Check out treasury evidence on tobacco excise prime minister!
Mathias Cormann
June 3, 2009
Kevin Rudd should immediately reverse his stand on our proposal to increase the excise on tobacco as an alternative to means testing private health insurance rebates. Treasury confirmed last night that our proposal to increase the tobacco excise will more than offset the expected savings from means testing private health insurance rebates,” Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Health Administration Mathias Cormann said. >> more

Senate sends sobering message – Alcopop tax not the way
Alan Eggleston - Senator
March 19, 2009
WA Liberal Senator Alan Eggleston today said last night’s defeat of the
Alcopop tax should send a clear message to the Rudd Government that a
single tax on premixed drinks is not the solution to Australia’s alcohol
problems. If Kevin Rudd is serious about tackling the issue of binge drinking, he should consider a volumetric tax on all alcohol, not just on premixed drinks” Senator Eggleston said. >> more

Chris Back - Senator
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David Johnstone - Senator
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