Sunday, May 24, 2009

Peter Costello launches his new website

It’s a case of better late than never, I refer to Peter Costello’s new website launched around 10 days ago.
As I have stated before, it is imperative that Liberals in Australia embrace 21st century media to communicate with their electorates, community, and general populace. This being consistent with recently expressed similar views on my Liberal Party membership renewal form:

Suggestions for Local Party Activity - Blending elements of Old and the New:

“…New World: In an environment where progressive (pro-ALP and Greens) media rules the print and electronic airwaves, it becomes imperative that the party flesh out new media strategies. This could include the development of an online liberal infrastructure in the form of local web sites for designated regions representing all electorates with assigned regional personnel to moderate portals in line with, ‘to be established’ protocols and modus operandi.

Each portal would also include moderated discussion boards or blogs. All portals are to incorporate design and management elements that reach out to all layers and demographics of community, not merely existing members. Each site would also link to a central online money-raising portal to encourage forms of ‘micro-financing’ from small individual donors and business. Each site would form part of a total social media marketing strategy that can also incorporate Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook; the development of a unified virtual army and fundraising juggernaught.

Online social media take-up is no longer a teenage only novelty! Candidates must reengineer the way they communicate with their respective electorates ..."

With this in mind, Shaun Carney from the Melbourne Age commends Peter Costello’s internet endeavour’s:

Peter Costello's new website is the very model of a 21st century politician's internet resource. It has photos, videos, media transcripts, biographical and contact information, and even links to Costello's speeches going all the way back to 1997. On Thursday morning, Costello appeared on Alan Jones' 2GB radio program, attacking Kevin Rudd, Wayne Swan and their budget. The transcript was up on the website well before lunchtime.

The transcript from Costello's Monday appearance on Jon Faine's 774 program is also there, as is a post-budget interview on Sydney radio from last week. Not a bad few days' work for a backbencher who told the nation he was leaving Parliament after the last election: launch a comprehensive personalised website and appear in the country's two biggest media markets as an expert critic on the Government's budget strategy.

Read the rest here

Peter Costello’s website URL is:

As a side note, we find an interesting passage in Carney’s article referring to Costello’s on air discussion with the ABC’s John Faine during this past week:

"... In 2007, when the general view was that the economy was strong, the election was fought on a lot of social issues including (the) emissions trading scheme, reconciliation. I think in 2010, when the economy is the big issue, the election is more likely to be fought squarely on the economic issues than those social issues and we will look back on 2007 and say we had the ability to discuss and decide on those issues then because there was a general acceptance that people who wanted jobs could find them. We don't have that luxury at the moment..."

The full transcript can be seen here

This got me thinking; perhaps prosperity of the kind that came to define the Howard/Costello years ultimately encouraged voters to embrace progressive policy. Harvard Political Science Professor and author, Benjamin Friedman referred to such an outcome in his excellent text, Moral Consequences of Economic Growth. This may too, partially explain how, in the words of Peter Costello, “a Government that had created such an Age of Prosperity, such a proud and prosperous country, now finds itself in the wilderness”.

The subject of my next post.

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