Friday, May 15, 2009

On Rudd's Spin ...

" ... Compare Kevin07 with Kevin09 and you see a change ... "

Not that we did not notice ...

JUST before Christmas 2007, when Kevin Rudd was a very new Prime Minister, a friend asked him what he feared most about the job. "Ending up like Tony Blair," was the reply. Rudd explained that Blair, like himself, had strong Christian Socialist principles -- yet the former British Labour PM had ended up being run by spin doctors and that had been the ruination of his career.

Rudd was concerned that the political process -- the dominance of spin -- would eventually deprive him of his integrity, too. It was a legitimate concern. Inevitably, politics corrupts those who practise it. Compare Kevin07 with Kevin09 and you see a change.

Compromise and cynicism have been increasingly evident. The way the Budget process was managed showed the spin doctors' influence.

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