Sunday, May 31, 2009

Matthew Guy MLC Victorian Shadow Minister for Planning

Congratulations to Shadow Minister for Planning and Liberal member for the Northern Metropolitan region, Matthew Guy on the launch of his You Tube video justly condemning the Brumby Governments proposal for a Growth Areas Contribution Scheme - a $95,000 per hectare tax to be payable when homeowners sell their properties.

As I have said here and here politicians must embrace 21st century media as a way of communicating with their respective constituents. Matthew Guy has also embraced the Twitter phenomenon; a medium proving both popular and beneficial amongst politicos the world over.

I strongly urge other Liberals to engage and publicise similarly if only to highlight the Victorian Governments failures and squandered opportunities. Capital infrastructure neglect that includes the ports, roads, buildings, and rail together with vital services neglect that includes education, overcrowding on the state’s public transport, long hospital waiting lists, poor water planning, and rising crime statistics just to name a few.

Visit Matthew Guy on Twitter here

Further information on video content: Victoria's $84.7m land tax whack

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