Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Blog is Alive again

Having reconsidered I have once again decided to add my voice to the blogosphere. As Plato once said, the penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves.

Indeed, he was right.

As the Government continues its silly path to launch it Carbon Emissions trading scheme it is with great excitement that I refer all to Ian Plimer's magnificent book Heaven + Earth. Sales for the text have been extraordinary, as Ray Evans from Lavoisier wrote:

In what has been a momentous week the highlight has been the counter attack from the Dark Side on Ian Plimer's magnificent book Heaven + Earth. The book has already sold 10,000 copies and the demand hasn't slackened off at all. This is probably without precedent in Australian publishing history. A book which has over 2300 footnotes to scientific papers, and which explains carefully to the ordinary reader why the belief that anthropogenic CO2 controls the earth's climate has no scientific basis whatsoever; none; zero; zilch; has become a best seller. The Melbourne Age, by the way, still has to mention the book, and it will be fascinating to see how that paper continues to ignore the story of the book's success and how they manage not to cover the Melbourne launch (booked out for more than a week) by Sir Arvi Parbo on May 6 next.
I suspect that the many closet skeptics from all sides of mainstream politics, who until now have hid within their ivory towers, will be tempted to come out of the closet … I have linked to Amazon above however I do not believe they're selling it just yet, you could try Connorcourt instead.

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