Friday, January 30, 2009

NSW Labor in free fall …

With NSW primary vote falling to its lowest levels in over a century, Nathan Rees has been forced to dismiss speculation that senior figures in the party are taking aim. All this begs the question, do they actually think they can win the next election?

It's just four months since Nathan Rees became NSW Premier, but the Labor hacks in Sussex Street HQ are getting restless over the constantly poor opinion polls for his Government. In a weirdly compelling display of habitual self-belief, they are carrying on as if they think an against-the-odds election win in March 2011 is actually possible, or could come about through anything they might do, when clearly it would take an act of God to save them now. >> more
Much like Victorian Labor of late senior NSW Labor figures are making the critical mistake of focusing on individual persona’s rather than policy. Speaking of the Victorian ALP we might just be witnessing the onset of real decline as the red ink starts flowing and self imposed problems beset the state. I’m calling it now, The Vic Government will fall at the next election.

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