Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emissions Trading Scheme and Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce

Let us not beat around the bush shall we, the coalition is split on emissions trading and at this critical juncture, this is a blessing in disguise. I am not going to reproduce the Senators’ noteworthy comments, as they have been well documented within MSM but what I will do, is provide this short paragraph revealing the motives behind the Senators remarks.

The Senator's comments intend to draw attention to the defamatory and emotive treatment being handed out to those who refuse to fall into line with the government's claims that humans are primarily responsible for climate change and that Australia must take drastic action to correct a problem for which we do not hold full responsibility. The Senator will continue to question the legitimacy of a scheme which threatens the livelihood of our industries while refusing to address the expert evidence that humans are not the primary drivers of climate change.
Source: The office of Senator Barnaby Joyce

I unequivocally lend my support to the Senators efforts in drawing attention to the folly that is, emissions trading.

Senator Barnaby Joyce can be contacted here

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