Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The cost of Rudd's Climate Change campaign

... Even readers of FHM, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Day couldn’t escape these advertisements ...

Rudd Advertising Campaign on Climate Change cost $13.9 million

KEVIN Rudd's feelgood advertising campaign on climate change cost taxpayers an extraordinary $13.9 million, with a massive spend on television and even magazine advertisements in lads' mag FHM and Cosmopolitan. Environment Minister Penny Wong has confirmed the true cost of the campaign, “Think Climate. Think Change” in answer to a Senate Estimates question placed on notice by Victorian senator Mitch Fifield. Advertising industry sources had put the cost of the carbon campaign, which began last July, at about $9 million this year. But the $13.9 million cost is expected to rise dramatically when the Rudd Government finalises the design of an emissions trading scheme and launches another advertising blitz to explain the new regime. >> more Samantha Maiden

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