Friday, January 02, 2009

Cory Bernardi on Common Sense

Australia is facing a number of immediate and future challenges. Yet the global financial crisis, rising unemployment and climate change are potentially less damaging to our long term interests than the death of plain old common sense.

In recent decades, what was painfully obvious to previous generations has been lost in a plethora of big government programs and politically correct babble.

The wisdom of past ages that included such gems as “only buy a home you can afford” and “money you borrow always needs to be repaid” lent themselves to a prudent society.

Somehow this wisdom was replaced by McMansions and endless cycles of revolving consumer credit. But when the music stops and your debt becomes a millstone (due to some crisis caused by an absence of common sense), fear not, becasue the government will shower you with other peoples money to help you out.

Of course, saving the government’s largesse or paying your debts are not part of the deal. You’ll be instructed by Big Brother to spend, spend, spend in order to keep the party going.

There are countless other examples of where we have suspended common sense in an attempt to appease the unquenchable hunger of those who seek to replace personal responsibility with collective guilt.

The economic and social truisms that have sustained our society for generations have been eroded to such an extent that redressing he imbalance will prove extremely difficult.

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MK said...

Yes indeed, this worries me for it is those of us who save our money and spend it wisely who will be asked to carry those that did not. And it's not like we have a choice in the matter, the voter-base of parasites grows each year and they are getting to decide how our taxes are spent.

The speed at which we are heading towards the socialist basket-case seems to be increasing when we should be turning back.