Monday, December 08, 2008

Spending half the Surplus

How Does Half The Surplus Spent Feel

The Labor Government's naive attempt to stimulate world economic malaise from an Australian retail spend-a-thon is soon to be judged as an outstanding success or as profligate waste of an opportunity to create a long-term boost to infrastructure, said Senator Barnaby Joyce, the Leader of The Nationals in the Senate.

Today we have Government ministers behaving like spruikers at a bargain basement sale, exhorting recipients of $8.7 billion of payments to spend. They’ve got the boot full of vacuum cleaners and they are ready to sell, sell, sell. Instead of long-term employment on infrastructure projects we will have imported plasma TVs ... Consumer spending in Australia is a miniscule stimulation of other economies that actually produce the products that we buy,” he said ... Instead of a future asset to sell we will have an increase in the social disaster of certain vulnerable households exacerbating current social problems with the arrival of, not so much a solution, but a multiple-thousand-dollar problem. Instead of a long-term increase in pension payments we have a package that has plucked an amount out of thin air that squandered those funds for a long-term solution. >> more

Source: Barnaby Joyce

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MK said...

What i can't understand is that they're giving folks $1000 or more and telling them to spend to save the economy, jobs and all that.

Sorry to spoil the fun morons, but once that $1000 is spent, it's spent, it ain't coming every month or something. You'll only get the one plasma or pay the one bill with it. How long can that lousy 1000 or 10,000 keep people in jobs for.

None the less, the masses don't care, kevvie's popularity just keeps climbing. And the poor opposition are just stunned. My advice to them, go home, get some sleep, don't bother crying warnings and talking sense. No one's listening.

The nation is in cuckoo land now, a place not well-known for reason and common-sense. When the surplus runs out and kevvie has to jack up taxes, they'll fall back down to earth and then only will they hopefully listen to reason.