Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Listen up Mr. Turnbull: No time for Conservative - lite

Rudd’s scheme massively increases government intervention in the economy ...

As the coalition goes about the business of commissioning an independent economic analysis of the Government’s proposed emissions trading scheme. We feel compelled to point out that the Libs are the opposition, sounds simple enough, however after reading that Malcolm Turnbull has, “left the door open to supporting the Government’s modest 5 per cent target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2020”, we remind the powers that be:

“intrusive government has been demonstrated by history to beinefficient, cruel and discouraging to human achievement. Liberalism is a philosophy of strategic but limited government. The role of government is to set the framework of laws and other rules within which individuals and families can freely make decisions about their own lives and pursue their goals with confidence. By both the laws it enacts and the taxation it exacts, government should interfere ..."
As Bolt points out:

Rudd’s scheme massively increases government intervention in the economy. Its first year alone involves the Government ripping out $11.5 billion from industry and consumers and deciding who best to reward or prop up. State planning is back with a vengeance. Bottom line: Rudd boasts that he is in fact imposing on each person emission cuts of 34 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020 - the biggest cuts per capita of any country in the world, Britain possibly excepted. Think what it would involve in taxes, costs and fines to get you emitting a third less in just 12 years ...
Once again must we remind the party that 47% of Australians did not vote for Kevin Rudd’s Labor last November.


Anonymous said...

very interesting blog...good work.

Anonymous said...

I had some hope in Turnbull, too bad he's just a rudd-lite now. Talks real big though, but that's about all there is there.

It appears oppositions everywhere are hellbent on only winning when the incumbents have screwed us over so thoroughly that we'd vote for even a baboon. He's being stupid by 'leaving the door open'. These are socialist parasites we're dealing with, Rudd and co are just thieves taking from those who have and throwing it at those who don't and won't have.

If he's not going to fight Rudd at every turn on his socialist schemes, no one will go through his open door.

Many are saying that Turnbull needs some principles, no matter how unpopular they are, perhaps these are his principles.