Saturday, December 13, 2008

Labor's proposed ISP filtering.

Senator Cory Bernardi shares his thoughts about Labor's proposed ISP filtering.

For someone who is a confirmed conservative and has an Internet reputation as 'the man who wants to ban swearing' - thanks to my senate inquiry into the broadcasting codes of practice; I want to share my thoughts on Labor's proposed ISP filtering. It will likely surprise many readers that right now, I cannot support it. Let me confirm that a big part of me wants to support it. Surely anything we can do to prevent access to illegal material is a lawful and moral obligation. However, the proposal that is being debated in the blogosphere is so devoid of detail that no-one can form a considered opinion of the policy or reasonably become an advocate for it. >> more
Personally, I think the responsibility to protect our kids from some of the more unsavory elements of the WWW should fall with parents hence; the use of filtering technology should not abdicate parents of their responsibility. In any event, we have not heard or read anything in the past or present to inspire any confidence in the Governments censorship plans.

Moreover, let’s be clear on one thing, it’s typically only in oppressed societies as for example, China or Saudi Arabia that Governments would even consider forms of mandatory filtering.

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