Monday, December 29, 2008

Key Political Scientist Samuel Huntington Dies At 81

Donald Douglas over at American Power reports that Samuel Huntington one of America’s greatest political scientists has died adding:

His recent book on immigration and national culture, Who Are We? The Challenges to America's National Identity, is the essential primer on the conservative cultural foundations of the American democracy.

Amazon notes the text is:

... an aggressive polemic whose central argument-that America, at heart, has been and in many ways should remain a Christian, Anglocentric country. The author seeks at length to prove that the American Creed, which he defines as a Protestant-influenced ideology modeled on the British system, was the founders' original intent and remains America's best course ...
Like America, Australia too was founded by British settlers and it is my firm belief that we are facing the same identity challenges. I guess that I too, have lost confidence in the power of Australian identity, a distinctiveness proudly based on Anglo-Protestantism rudiments. The success of Australia, and the U.S. owes much to British and protestant beginnings that defined and created our legal and democratic systems, culture, and a “roll your sleeves up” work ethic.


Cultural America is under siege and, as the Soviet experience illustrates, ideology is a weak glue to hold together people otherwise lacking racial, ethnic, and cultural sources of community
Similarly, is cultural Australia also under siege?

Undeniably there would be some interesting and persuasive correlations between both America and Australia in Huntington‘s writings. Through this post, I unashamedly record my preference to keep and uphold the present and future identity of our great nation rooted in its historic Anglo-Australian culture and Christian heritage.

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