Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Howard on Kyoto protocol

Former Prime Minister John Howard says he believes doubts will increase among the public as to whether all claims made about the effect of climate change are accurate.

Mr Howard has also defended his government's decision to not sign the Kyoto protocol even though voters were expressing support of its ratification.

Mr Howard's comments come as Climate Change Minister Penny Wong heads to Poland for international talks on a new international agreement on greenhouse gas reduction targets. >> more

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Off course doubts will grow, and whether the media and the mad left agree or not Howard-Costello will be vindicated for it.

Back then things were good, there was no recession, everyone was bitching and moaning at Howard but still enjoying the taxcuts, so it was warm and fluffy to indulge in stupid posturing about carbon and eco-farting. There was no actual cost to anyone.

But now that kevvie from brissie is going to bring in emissions cuts, someone, somewhere is going to have to pay and they'll start asking, what's all this for, why do we still have summer, why is no one following our example, where are the rains, why are they still carping that more sacrifices are needed.

Nothing sobers one up like having to part with what you worked for eh.