Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Britain's David Cameron urges election in 2009

Britain's opposition leader on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Gordon Brown to call an election in 2009, saying the country needs a chance to choose between their competing economic plans. In a written New Year's message to Conservative Party supporters, David Cameron said Brown had failed to prepare Britain for the financial crisis and was now pursuing policies likely to deepen and lengthen the country's recession. Brown, of the Labour Party, spent a decade as Treasury chief before he replaced Tony Blair as prime minister in 2007. Brown must call a national election by mid-2010. He has largely pinned his hopes of reviving Britain's economy on a 20 billion pound ($30.2 billion) package of tax cuts and public works projects. Cameron claims the package involves an irresponsible amount of government borrowing. >> more

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Anonymous said...

Gordon won't do it, because for one, he hasn't got the spine, second he doesn't care much for the future of his nation.