Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ABC Television - Rudd's own Broadcasting Service

The ABC’s “7.30 Report” was once again doing the Rudd government’s handiwork last night, with a one-sided report on the homelessness announcement.

Stand-in host Heather Ewart declared that “The welfare sector hailed the Government’s $1.2-billion commitment, but much detail is still up for negotiation.”

Ewart had obviously not read yesterday’s “The Australian” newspaper.

The Salvation Army, which is one of Australia’s leading welfare providers and the operator of the largest job provider, Employment Plus, had this to say about Rudd’s “plan”.

“Overly ambitious”, “failed to consult”, and “the announcement had been rushed”.

The Australian also reported that a spokesman described the aim to halve homelessness by 2020 as “akin to Bob Hawke’s much-ridiculed claim he would eliminate child poverty in Australia.”

“The spokesman said many of the state-based issues contributing to homelessness - including the poor quality of mental health services - had not been addressed.”

So much for the welfare sector ‘hailing” the plan.

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Via: The Australian Conservative

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Anonymous said...

Just about everything that Rudd announces is for a headline and to score some points with the electorate. Fortunately for him, the masses don't really have the time to do a bit of digging. Unfortunately for him, their memories are short, i hope.

Merry Christmas by the way Otto.