Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rudd Watch:

"Welcome to KevinPM, where we can communicate about the big challenges confronting Australia". Kevin Rudd

Obama's win showed how important technology and real grassroots ownership will be in future contests — lessons that hasn't understood yetSo now Kevin wants me back! After almost a year of net silence, an email popped into my inbox yesterday afternoon from our Prime Minister, hoping to embark again on our glorious internet relationship of last year, with a new website — "".

There may be many similarities between the political strategies and philosophies of Australia's Prime Minister and the United States President-elect, but a telling divergence is how they managed their relationship with their vast email supporter lists in the aftermath of victory. Whereas Barack has immediately launched a whole new online community called "" to engage with the public during the transition, Kevin last emailed me on the day before his win in the Australian federal election. (Not even a celebratory thank you came my way.) >> more


As I wrote here in 2007, "the ALP made far better use of the World Wide Web and was able to communicate its message effectively, particularly to our younger voters." This is an area the Liberals need cultivate to drive home there message and cultivate the hoi polloi amongst us...


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