Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rudd Watch: Grand Interventionist

How many more things does our fiscally conservative Prime intervention fundamentalist Prime Minister intend to guarantee? >> more

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MK said...

Comment posted at source - It's not really life-support, it's a sort of welfare really. There are plenty of businesses out there surviving without government life-support. Private businesses should not be surviving just because of welfare handouts.

I realise there are lots of jobs involved, but these are not even Australian companies. If we must bail them out, at least force them to change their business so that they can survive in the market. And make em' pay it back. Otherwise we'll just have to keep bailing them out again and again as there is no incentive for them to change.

If we bail them out, what about smaller Australian businesses, aren't they then also entitled to a hand out. Where do we draw the line?