Thursday, November 20, 2008

Malcolm Turnbull on John Howard’s 2007 Obama comments

A couple of days ago, Malcolm Turnbull distanced himself from John Howards February 2007 remarks about Obama.

Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has publicly condemned former Prime Minister John Howard's remarks about Barack Obama. Mr Howard said early last year that Al Qaeda would be praying for Mr Obama to win the US presidential election.Mr Turnbull has repeatedly declined to denounce Mr Howard's remark since Mr Obama's election win. But yesterday he told Perth radio it was an "unfortunate comment" which he did not agree with at the time and he does not agree with now.
Malcolm maybe right, but as a New York Times article shows, John Howard was UNQUESTIONABLY right.

“DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The leader of a jihadi group in Iraq argued Friday that the election of Barack Obama as president represented a victory for radical islamic groups that had battled American forces since the invasion of Iraq … The statement, which experts said was part of the psychological duel with the United States, was included in a 25-minute audiotaped speech by Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella organization that claims ties to Al qaeda. Mr. Baghdadi’s statement was posted on a password-protected Web site called Al Hesbah, used to disseminate information to Islamic radicals. >> more
More here via The Australian Conservative

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