Friday, November 14, 2008

Fuelwatch gone, Grocerywatch next ... Just quietly

After the demise of Fuelwatch this week, Grocerychoice should be the next to be shown the door according to Nationals Senator for NSW John Williams. “Mr.Rudd went to the election telling us he would put downward pressure on fuel and grocery prices. He’s failed on both counts, and thankfully Fuelwatch has been laid to rest. But he persists with the $13 million white elephant Grocerychoice which never has and never will have any relevance to people trying to combat rising food prices. The grocery basket was designed in such a way as to mix large independents with very small independents that do not have the same economies of scale, thus inflating the basket price artificially. The same methodology was not used for the large supermarket chains”. Senator Williams said he likens Grocerychoice to a once-a-month weather report that offers a lot in general but nothing specific or useful. “Australians have now seen through this debacle and I understand the flood of people who first visited the website out of curiosity have now been reduced to a trickle. This should convince the Prime Minister to switch off its life support and spend the money on much-needed infrastructure”, Senator Williams concluded.


Now in the good interests of better Governance let us quietly put down the just as useless, Grocery Watch.

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