Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ETS and Economic Forecasting do not mix

THE global financial crisis showed how foolish the Rudd Government would be to base its climate change response on economic forecasts for the coming century, academic and Reserve Bank board director Warwick McKibbin said yesterday.

A frequent commentator on carbon reduction schemes, Professor McKibbin said the carbon pollution reduction scheme proposed in a green paper, and the subject of an upcoming white paper, was the result of a "diabolical policy process" and risked disadvantaging Australia in global markets. >> more

On a related note ...

A professor from Carleton University may get the cold shoulder from environmentalists when he speaks in London tomorrow. Tim Patterson, a paleoclimatologist from the department of Earth sciences, will give an opposing view to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Patterson is speaking at a Canadian Club of London luncheon. He believes we should expect global cooling rather than global warming in the coming years. "We're off on the wrong foot," he says. "There's been no global warming in the 21st century." >> more

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MK said...

Even if hell freezes over the warmistas will keep harping on that we're all going to burn away. But then they might just switch and claim it's global cooling we should be afraid of then. You know how they can lie with a straight face.