Sunday, November 16, 2008

ABC1's The Howard Years: Sure to be spark controversy

Click here for The Howard Years Preview

National and international politicians describe John Howard in one word. Footage courtesy of the ABC's The Howard Years.

The Howard Years will screen tomorrow on ABC1 at 8.30pm, we suspect it should be ... polemically stimulating ...

One word to describe John Howard? >>> Towering <<<



MK said...

Can the ABC bring themselves to be fair to Howard? I ain't holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

john howard and his animal farm were nothing but racist bigots. john howard was good for taking us to a war based on lies. children overboard again lies.john howard wanted to bleed the poor to give to the rich by intruducing ir laws and not to forget the gst (get stuffed tax.) he should be standing trial along side bush and blaire for torrorist attacks on irag and his government inciting hatred against muslims in a way australia has never witnessed before. john howard and his clowns should hang their head in shame