Monday, October 27, 2008

Turnbull, Rudd united in Lord's Prayer

I am absolutely opposed to the abolition of the Lord's Prayer in our Parliament. I say nay to change.

The Federal Government and Opposition have both given the thumbs down to calls to change or abandon the Lord's Prayer recited at the beginning of each day of federal Parliament. But the Greens want the prayer replaced with a period of reflection and a conscience vote in both houses on the issue. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Harry Jenkins, has called for a public debate about whether the daily prayer should be rewritten or replaced. >>more
This is not the first time the Greens have called for the abolition of the Lord's prayer from our Parliaments and I am appalled that my local member Harry Jenkins approves of this position.

The Lord’s Prayer is a symbol of peace, tolerance and stands tall as part of our Christian heritage. We must avoid letting fuzzy notions of multiculturalism and PC stand in the way of this important practice in our parliament. The words were conceived by Jesus to bring to mind a path to God and were so constructed to pass through ages without variation.


Mimm said...

Here, here! I agree.
Without tradition and a continuum of practicing these traditions and customs, we become a empty, non directive and unfocused society. One I certainly don't wish to belong to.

I love teaching my child about my cultural customs and family traditions. I find we are always talking about them and the differences between the many other cultural customs and traditions.

My son identifies with these customs and traditions, they have contributed to the person he has become today. I am a believer of God and the higher spirit but agree with you that the Parliamentarians in particular the Greens need to lay off changing these sort of practices because they have been around for hundreds of years and like you say, are there to remind them of the achievements and roads travelled with these values in place.

Francis said...

Yeah totally agree Otto, it's a changing Australia we now live in. We don't know what we stand for any more.

MK said...

The greens are opposed to it, gee what a shock, who would have thought that.

Good on the opposition and the Feds for opposing it.