Saturday, October 04, 2008

Rees Government to fund Mardi Gras

Now that the Rees Government has fixed all its states problems, hospitals, transport, and education to name a few, it has decided to fund the Mardi Gras event.

Said Nathan Rees, the event deserves support adding: “It is a spectacular Sydney event and makes a significant contribution to our state’s economy.”

How perfectly pathetic; little wonder the news has generated so much commotion.

Said Piers Akerman at The Daily Telegraph, "It is the northern manifestation of Victoria's Cain-Kirner government of 20 years ago, rotten with influence peddling, corrupted by ennui and indulgence."

The Australian Conservative has joined the chorus adding:

The NSW government’s decision to fund the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras means it has “swallowed the grossly exaggerated hype of Mardi Gras organisers,” a Christian action group claims. Writing in Saltshakers newsletter, executive officer Peter Stokes says the mardi gras organisers have been playing a charade for years.
Non-homosexual corporate sponsors bailed out years ago - Ford, Qantas etc. - they saw what the government does not want to see - the truth. >> more


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MK said...

I guess when they said that Rees was of the far-left, they weren't joking ey.

To be fair though, i heard that this policy was shuffled through under the Iemma government, so Nathan Rees didn't know about it. Having said that, i find it hard to believe that he cannot stop it, even in the future.

It's up to the people of NSW to make up their own minds now, they work and pay taxes, are they happy to have their taxes supporting a couple of homos prancing around in the main street? I know i'm not impressed, but given our voting record, i'm not all that sure the rest of us aren't as well.