Friday, October 31, 2008

Kerry O'Brien loves Kevin Rudd

The Australin Conservative makes a valid point about Kerry O'Brien's favourable treatment of Kevin Rudd...

The look of love on Kerry O’Brien’s face said it all when he interviewed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on last night’s “The 7.30 Report”.

On the agenda was the release of Treasury modelling about the economic impact of Rudd’s emissions trading scheme, or in Rudd spin-speak the “Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme”.

O’Brien wasn’t interested in a critical, sceptical probing of the benefits of the scheme in the way he would have ripped into the former PM John Howard.

It was a cuddly little love in, with shared jokes about blokes, and finished with a “Dorothy Dixer” to embarrass even the most adept politician - how much extra workload was the current global financial situation adding to Rudd’s daily grind.

It was little more than an invitation for Rudd to present himself as hard-working, dedicated, energetic, decisive and generally on the ball.

O’Brien hadn’t bothered to find one example he could have thrown at Rudd to illustrate the point that Rudd was losing control.

He could have picked apart Rudd’s “policy on the run” bank guarantee scheme, rocketing inflation, the problem-ridden computers in schools roll-out >> more

Via: The Australian Conservative

Contrast this to the treatment O'Brien gives Turnbull

Did anyone keep count of how many times Kevin Rudd uttered the terms 'carbon' or 'carbon pollution reduction scheme"?

I recall ABC management once vowing to reign in politically motivated media bias in its news and current affairs programming. Yes, it was a while ago, still...

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MK said...

They should just rename the ABC to the LBC or KBC or something, Kevin/Labor Broadcasting Corporation.

To think our taxes are funding those parasites. *spit*