Sunday, September 21, 2008

Prime Tourist Rudd

Today, Rudd flies to New York on a VIP jet to give a 25-minute speech at the UN General Assembly. It will be his 16th trip in 10 months.

Said Malcolm Turnbull on Channel 9:

"The Prime Minister's got to run the country. It's a question of balance ... Just because you're sitting on an aeroplane flying to New York doesn't mean you're doing anything ... Nobody is saying that he shouldn't travel overseas. The question is, he is spending more time overseas than any prime minister in our history. He's spending more time overseas than his own foreign minister ... Have we elected a Prime minister, or a prime tourist?"
There are four more trips in the planning, including meetings in Peru, Chile and Brazil in November. That's three times more overseas trips than John Howard took in his first year as prime minister, double the amount of time Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has spent overseas -- and more than most Australians travel in a lifetime.

Political commentators have already begun to describe Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard as the Government's backbone.

But to punters, his jet-setting reflects their Prime Minister's self-importance and fondness for meeting celebrities.


Amazing, last month Beijing, South Korea, Singapore, Nuie and New Zealand ... and this week New York.

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MK said...

Heard Piers Ackerman this morning saying that his minions are running around trying to find someone, anyone willing to give the bloke a cup of tea and some biscuits in America. He needs the cameras to snap him sitting down and saying something important to someone who tries to look like he gives a damn.

Lisa said...

Pulled this from the comments section of Caroline Overington's Blog at the Australian...

"Kevin is still disappointed that Hillary didn’t win the Democrat Nomination - because he fancied himself as a chance to become her VP.

The real point of this trip to New York is to lobby Hillary for the spot again in four years time.

Word is he might even head to Chicago and attempt to get Oprah to endorse him for 2010.

AI said...

Lisa: lol