Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pensioners doing it hard

News emerges that the Rudd Government considered the question of age pensions in detail prior to the May budget bud decided to take little action. It’s questionable as to whether Rudd and Swan now regret the decision to take no action other than the existing $500 bonus as pressure mounts.

Recall that during the 2007 election campaign, the Coalition guaranteed senior Australians that pensions would be topped up to ensure they were fully compensated for the increases in the Living Cost Index for Age Pensioner Households (LCIAP).

So while pensioners continue doing it tough n $273 per week the Minister for Families, Jenny Macklin continues to fail to exert any pressure on the Government to do anything prior to when convenient, possibly 2009. Let us hope pensioners are not offered another review, or ‘watching ‘scheme of sorts.

The Coalition has called for an increase to the single aged pension of $30, adding that as the cost of living rises, elderly Australians are worse off since the election. >> more

Meanwhile Kevin Rudd's off on his 16th overseas trip

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MK said...

Yeah shame on them ey, i suppose pensioners do not fall in the 'working families' category and so who cares about them. But i'm sure they'll come up with some closer to the 09 election, hopefully those affected won't forget like the Ruddster has.