Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The individual

The individual asserts his her own, thus separating oneself even if only briefly, from the collective, be it an interest, issue or concern of the day… Good or bad?

One being, striving to change the course; check an established assemblage of thought, sheer stupidity, or genius?

Towing party or company lines is fine; even a noble pursuit as long as the body never discounts the value of expressed individual scrutiny. Sometimes there is common ground discovered, sometimes not, but let us not simply by design, tolerate that the absolutist views of collectives stifle or worse still, suppress the creativity and progress initiated by the one.

The individual, viewed as a significant and indispensible entity within the whole. We must applaud the one who has the courage and conviction to question, who occasionally veers against the grain, who separates oneself from populist views, who disconnects from the deep-rooted standpoint of consensus majoritarianism mechanisms when necessary for the betterment of the very establishment opposing the view, the whole.

The best collectives therefore, the best parties and companies honor and reward the individual who stands tall among the many when called for…

Copyright © 1998 Otto Marasco

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