Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Turnbull - I'll lead you to victory

Malcolm Turnbull has pitched himself as one who understands what it's like to be broke, in his first address as leader.

After congratulating Mr Turnbull, Mr Costello said he is happy to be of any assistance. Said the former Treasurer:
It's a great accolade for Malcolm Turnbull to be elected leader of the Liberal Party today and [he] now has a wonderful opportunity to lead the Party and win Government.
The obvious benefit of his ascension that it should put an end to the constant leadership speculation that has compromised the Party's ability to present a cohesive policy front.

What happened today represents the genuine transition after the 2007 Liberal Coalition defeat.
Nelson although admirable in many respects, did not connect in the same vein that the hard working Simon Crean did not make the grade. Malcolm Turnbull represents the real transition and, ALTHOUGH HE IS NO BONAFIDE CONSERVATIVE, the Turnbull resume is impeccable, and demonstrates many a personal quality. Let the individual within rise.

Politics is altogether a different animal to that of the corporate world. Can he relate to, and empathize with the electorate? At least today, he passed with excellence; the early indicators are therefore good.

Many have questioned his interpersonal skills especially in terms of temperament; here I wonder what all the fuss is about. Would he have got as far as he has without some measure of social dexterity?

Bring on the contest! Rudd Vs Turnbull, both are good at what they do but the former has some answering to do as regards the economy, and if anyone other than Costello can make him accountable its Malcolm Turnbull. I say again, let the individual within rise….

Photo credit: The Daily Telegraph

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MK said...

On thing we have to give Turnbull, even if we don't support him 100% is that he is going to change our political scene. Just by watching him and listening to him since he got the top job, i feel sorry for the Ruddster.

Yesterday i saw him on one of the evening shows and he said it like it were a statement of fact to even those who might not support him or the liberals, Rudd is an empty vessel. Usually when a pollie says something about the other guy, you kinda expect it and don't really buy into it cos you expect him to say that. But Turnbull didn't say it that way. His only problem is his obvious contempt for Rudd & Co might not go down well with the voters.

"Bring on the contest! Rudd Vs Turnbull..."

Turnbull strikes me like the kind of fellow who'll look Rudd in the face and tell him the political equivalent of - listen boy, tomorrow high noon, gun fight, i give you my word, i'll be alone. Now you don't be a dumbass and bring a knife to it and because i want it to be fair, don't you come alone either..... oh and one last thing, 12 sharp, don't you punks keep me waiting, that really pisses me off.

Yeah, bring it on.