Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FuelWatch is dying - albeit slowly

FuelWatch: the slow death of a bad idea. The extraordinary attack on Associate Professor Frank Zumbo by Graeme Samuel was really the sound of a bad idea thrashing around in its death throes. Few these days, apart from Rudd's Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs Chris Bowen, members of the Government's media cheer squad and Graeme Samuel, can refer to "Fuelwatch" with a straight face. In a related story, Prof Zumbo says the ACCC needs more powers to curb petrol rip-offs. In an up-to-date assessment of the latest industry data on retail and wholesale margins, he shows that the rip-off continues.

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(Via: The Australian Conservative)

How long we ask, before GroceryWatch goes the way of FuelWatch? How long before they invoke the argument advanced by Access that in fact, grocery prices, like petrol prices, are indices outside their control?

Not that they said this during the ’07 election campaign … we look forward to the new opposition front bench putting focus on the Governments, love of symbolism and glossy rhetoric, tokenistic gesturing and impressionistic, light in substance policy making …

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MK said...

I'd like to see them implement Ruddwatch, to keep an eye on the fellow jetting around the world farting carbon all over the joint while he lectures us to cut back.