Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dangerous human-caused warming can neither be demonstrated nor measured

By Physicist Dr. John Nicol, Chairman, Australia Climate Science Coalition, former Senior Lecturer of Physics at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.

There is no evidence, neither empirical nor theoretical, that carbon dioxide emissions from industrial and other human activities can have any effect on global climate. In addition, the claims so often made that there is a consensus among climate scientists that global warming is the result of increased man-made emissions of CO2, has no basis in fact. The results of accurate measurements of global temperatures continue to be analysed by the international laboratories, now with 30 years experience in this process while a large number of scientists continue to perform high quality research. The results of these activities clearly demonstrate a wide range of errors in the IPCC projections. Among the more obvious of these errors was the prediction of global warming expected by modelling of climate for the last three years. The actual measurements of global cooling in 2007/2008, flew directly in the face of these IPCC models. It would be difficult to find a more definitive illustration of an experimental error. >> more

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As Bolt also pointed out:
And, no, it’s not immoral to figure there’s no point spending big money to “stop” this warming when it won’t make a blind bit of difference.
In time the governments global warming stance will exposed as a con of sorts, witness last weeks news from Ross Garnaut that basically equated to this; the best thing Australian can do is nothing. No nothing immoral...

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MK said...

What you said below about the Ruddster off on his 16th overseas trip applies here too. After all for someone crying and wailing about the horrid effect of man on the planet, the Ruddster has an extremely large and growing carbon assprint.

"And, no, it’s not immoral to figure there’s no point spending big money to “stop” this warming when it won’t make a blind bit of difference."

Yes we can spend all the money we have and move into caves and it won't make a difference, the alarmists know this, but then that's not their ultimate goal is it. The first bit is what they are more concerned with, spending big money, our money.