Monday, September 29, 2008

2008 Lowy Institute Poll

The push for climate change has finally met the reality of our society. The Lowy Institute surveys the attitudes of Australians to foreign policy matters on a yearly basis and this years result reveal that climate change has slipped in ranking from first to fifth most important.

Amongst many interesting findings:

Support for the US alliance is up to the highest overall level since we started polling in 2005

Australians love Barack Obama

A majority of Australians now oppose our military involvement in Afghanistan

58% of Australians want the government to do more to stop all Japanese whaling, even if we risk losing valuable trade deals.

62% of Australians see China’s growth as being good for Australia ... (and) that we should join with other countries to limit China’s influence.

Economic considerations overtook tackling climate change as the most important foreign policy goal, but climate-related issues topped the list of threats to Australia.

51% of Australians said they weren’t confident in the government’s ability to deal with global warming.

When it comes to paying to help address climate change, 53% of Australians are only prepared to pay $10 or less extra on their electricity bill each month to help solve the problem.
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Link to full report: Australia and the world: public opinion and foreign policy

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MK said...

So climate change is slipping down ey, no wonder the Ruddster is getting desperate to shove it through. He must have seen the writing on the wall staring him in the face. If Australia's economy starts suffering and people start getting strapped for cash, they'll rightly be wondering why exactly they're paying extra for just about everything for dubious outcomes if any.