Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Telstra hang up on Unions

THE country's biggest user of AWAs says it will bypass unions when the controversial individual contracts are scrapped. Telstra today said it would deal directly with employees in negotiations for a new workplace agreement. more >>

As I wrote on July 20, “is there anything inherently wrong and/or immoral for a company to negotiate directly with its employees?

Raises questions about the links between progressiveness and objectivism; individuals ought to be ends in the themselves, with all rights being the rights of individuals to freedom. Workplace democracy such that unions are chosen by majority vote, and where the latter have the power to control the terms of the workers entitlements regardless of individual consent in reality betrays its own, - progressives - values whereby the individual seeks improvements to the his/her quality of life.

Otherwise said, Progressives in some ways embrace their opposites, the advocates of objectivism - those who also value progress, justice, economic freedoms, rational diversity, and individual rights.

Bear in mind, objectivism rejects all forms of statism, together with state ownership of business, state labor regulation, and regulation of business activity. Accordingly "Progressives" say they are for "labor rights," however, they do not favor the individual right to choose where one works and contract for terms of service and payment, which is what Objectivism encourages.

This goes to the heart of a complex intellectual philosophical debate that sometimes sees progressives sound like conservatives and vice versa. When its all said and done it can be considered neither and we are left with the vision of free and unchained minds hence, reason, egoism, capitalism - objectivism.

"Rather than being castigated Telstra should be applauded for showing some grit in an otherwise adverse political environment”, perhaps Ayn Rand was right, we do need a “civil liberties union for big business”.

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