Sunday, August 03, 2008

R.E.D. = Rudd Economic Downturn

Mark Henderson, contributing editor at The Australian Conservative "kicks off the RED list with 15 examples ... "

  • Petrol prices are at near-record levels.
  • World trade talks have collapsed.
  • Inflation is forecast to hit 3.75 per cent, well above the RBA’s target range of two to three per cent.
  • The Current Account Deficit has widened.
  • The number of working days lost to industrial disputes has increased from 24,400 in the quarter to December 1 2008 (the last quarter of the Howard Government) to 42,800 in the March 2008 quarter (the first quarter under Rudd Labor).
  • Job advertisements have fallen for two months running.

Read the other nine (9) examples here

(Via The Australian Conservative)

The announcement of Labor policies during the electoral campaign by Kevin Rudd revealed that his would be a government of tokenistic gestures and impressionistic policies without substance. The holy trinity of his major policies, Climate Change, Workplace Relations, Education Revolution and the Cost of Living will turn out to be nothing but inexpedient promises he made to the electorate, heavy in symbolism and light in substance. And with that, we witness the R.E.D.


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Anonymous said...

You're blaming Kevin Rudd for causing the international oil crisis, a worldwide economic downturn and for singlehandedly collapsing global trade talks? In just eight months in government? Wow - he must be one powerful dude. If only he'd use his powers for the forces of good...