Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mid-week message board

That time of the week again ... It's your turn to make comments on whatever topic aspect of Liberal Party matters you choose and/or takes your fancy.

You can provide a name or remain anonymous it does not matter, the only rules are:

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Anonymous said...

The libs did nothing for over 10 years in government now they are complaining that labour has done nothing over 10 months..
Well I guess the Libs did do something.. they took Australia's great reputation overseas and made it mud.. they took a large number of our libities, they failed to prepare the country for this downturn which was clearly on the world horizon for a number of years. - I voted Labor first time this time because I wanted a change.. and all this whinning and anti progressive stance by the libs is making sure i will vote labor again next time. - Libs, Grow up and put australia first before your short term political careers

Steve Harkonnen said...

Just stopping by.

Since you're an Aussie it's difficult to project my political interests as an American.

I'm primarily a conservative but I lean toward the Constitution party and have chosen to vote for Chuck Baldwin as I cannot find the conviction in me to vote for McCain, since he (and Obama) want to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.

AI said...

Thanks for stopping by Steve, if you haven't yet please visit the American Interests site: